This bus rocks – LITERALLY!

All buses are chauffeur driven, most are air conditioned, can include a BYO liquor license and have some way of playing music, even if it is through the PA system.  Most regular buses have those high back bucket seats with integrated seat belts – which means that while you are traveling along you can really only talk with the person next to you.

HOWEVER, the Partybuses all have low back bench seating – so there is an open party atmosphere.  Most have seats turned around so that people are facing each other, club lounge style.  All have BIG sound systems (quality speakers, amp, sub woofers etc) and come with themed party decorations.  Disco lights round out the Partybus feel after dark.

Does that help to paint a picture?   Note these are unlike the double decker buses, ie guests are seated – more like a limousine ride than a bus trip.  Seating layout and more pics below…

Partybus Seating Plan

Partybus Pricing


1hr 1/2 2 3 4 5
10 guests $199 $249 $299 $399 $499 $599
14 guests $255 $299 $360 $460 $560 $650
20 guests $299 $399 $520 $680 $830 $945
24 guests $350 $449 $580 $735 $890 $1060
29 guests $395 $499 $660 $825 $1015 $1150
32 guests $399 $549 $745 $870 $1050 $1250
40 guests $550 $699 $850 $1050 $1300 $1450

For longer hire including DAY TOURS click here

Partybus drinks can include champagne or Moscato beer, cider, BYO liquor license*, use of our iPod or yours. Inclusions and duration are negotiable, so contact Partybus Steve with your ideas, and we will help you to make your party a success. For Wedding hire pricing click here.

Prices here are a guide only, apply to tours starting and finishing near the Adelaide CBD, will vary with specific events and are subject to change without notice. All bookings are accepted subject to our terms and conditions including behavioural standards.

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